About Us

Cleanears.com.sg is an online platform dedicated to sell Clean Ears, an all in one natural ear wax removal system. This platform was started in February 2020 and is an extension of Savantpharma Pte Ltd. 

Savantpharma is a local startup company that was started by two ex-pharmaceutical sales representatives in Singapore in July 2019. The sole purpose of Savantpharma is to distribute high quality medical products and  medical devices to the clinics and hospitals in Singapore.

In Oct 2019, we stumbled on Clean Ears by chance. We discovered that Clean Ears was scientifically backed up by clinically studies and the number #1 ear wax removal product in many countries including Australia, Poland, France, Israel but surprisingly was not available in Singapore. We carefully surveyed the market and found that most of the products sold were in the form of ear drops. We further spoke to a few parents who shared with us their struggles and challenges to get their children's ears cleaned of  earwax. The most common complain was their difficulty to get their child to sit still while they clean their ears using cotton buds or ear drops. There were also concerns that they may  accidentally hurt their kids.  We knew straight away that there was a place for Clean Ears in Singapore. So that's the story of how Clean Ears was brought to Singapore. We hope that you will join hundreds and thousands of people around the world to have wax free ears with Clean Ears.

To your  better  hearing health and  ear hygiene 

Aru and Thyaga

Founders of Savantpharma