The Essential Guide to Earwax Removal in Singapore!



Have you been guilty of digging your ears from time to time? It may feel "shiok", but are you aware of the health risks that come along? Well, many people around the world are having the same problem  of not being able to stand earwax in their ears. Though digging ear is very common, but what is more natural and common is that your ear canal does not need cleaning the way you are trying to get it done. But to make it very clear to you that how much worse digging your ear canal be, the following post is presented. Ear wax removal Singapore is now easy and convenient to get but first, let see more about earwax blockage.  


Can cleaning my ear by myself ever go wrong?

If we would say YES with even the slightest hesitation, then we would be guiding you with the wrong information. Many people visit doctors and ear specialists telling them they feel an ear blockage that is mostly the case of self-cleaning their ears. It might be just to get the water out of your ear canal that got stuck in while you were taking a shower. You find to dig your ear can be anything, but ear digging can, in most cases, result in worse cases. 

But the ear wax needs to be removed professionally if you are in any case in dire need of getting it out. First off, you need to get a diagnosis of your ear to first check if the blockage you are having is due to ear wax or some other condition. You need first to understand what really is ear wax?



Earwax, which is medically known as cerumen, is an oily and waxy substance made from the glands in the outer part of the ear canal. This wax contains fatty secretions and dead skin. Earwax can be of different color tones or from yellow to brown and can have wet to dry appearance as per your genes. 


Can I clean my own earwax?

Well, a NO is always a NO. Cleaning your earwax by yourself can be a very dangerous process and can sometimes cause irreversible harm. In normal cases where there is no earwax blockage, your ear will self-clean itself from any earwax residues hence eliminating the chance of removing ear wax. 



Steps of guide to earwax removal:

The step includes:


First, approach an ear specialist who would look into your ear using an instrument that also lights up the ear and has a magnifier in it. This will help diagnose your ear very easily. 


Next comes the treatment of earwax blockage if diagnosed in your condition. You can get professionals to check your ear and get started with removing your earwax blockage using a small and a curved tool called a Curet. This can also be done by using a suction that is used while inspecting the ear. Your doctor might also try to flush out the wax using a water pick or a rubber bulb syringe that is filled with water. Wax removal meditation might also be suggested to you if you have a recurring problem of earwax blockage. 


What can I do to get rid of earwax blockage to not return? 

The best solution is to always refer to a doctor first. Once you get a treatment from a professional Ear wax removal Singapore then get his suggestions, you can move on to natural solutions if the condition persists. A professional ear specialist will recommend you using the following natural ways to keep earwax blockage at bay. 


Soften the wax:

Apply baby oil in your ears using an eyedropper. You can also use mineral oil, glycerin, or hydrogen peroxide in your ear canal. 


Use warm water:

After a day or two, when you feel the ear wax is softened, you can use a rubber bulb type syringe to squirt some warm water in your canal gently. Tilt your head and keep it in that position to pull your outer ear and back to straighten your ear canal. When you are done with irrigating, tip your head to the side and allow the water to drain out. 


Dry your ear canal:

When you are done, dry your outer ear using a towel or a handheld dryer. 




Can I try natural methods for any kind of earwax removal?

Always be precautious to use the earwax mentioned above removal method. If you think the earwax is hardened enough, then seeing a doctor for Ear wax removal, Singapore will be the right option. Because in order to remove the wax at home, you may push it in even further, and that may cause a lot more worry for you. 


What should I expect from a professional earwax remover specialist in Singapore?

You will be asked certain questions in your appointment with the doctor about your ear. You should expect the following questions:


  • How long have you been facing this issue?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing?
  • Have you felt any drainage from your ears?
  • Have you had trouble hearing, earache, or draining in the past?
  • Have your symptoms occurred continuously or occasionally?

Answering these questions accurately will let the ear specialist measure and assess your condition properly. Then he will devise up a solution and will put you in treatment and also suggest your appropriate medications. 


So what are you thinking? Going to buy a new box of cotton buds and worsen your earache or are you looking for a professional Ear wax removal Singapore and be sure of getting resolved with the earache? You better choose the second option and let your problem be solved with only a few appointments. Ear wax removal Singapore will be the best option to be sure of getting rid of the problem and finding a good way out of the situation. Ear wax removal Singapore can be found at easy prices and in easy means of acquiring.